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Welcome to Regenerative Medicine,
the website for the post-graduate educational program in RM
Regenerative Medicine
The scientific discipline of regenerative medicine investigates how the body’s natural ability to repair damaged tissues and organs can be stimulated or imitated so as to bring about functional recovery. Regenerative medicine has developed from a convergence of basic scientific disciplines – for example cell biology, materials science, and chemistry – with more application-oriented disciplines such as cell therapy and implantation technology. Today, RM technology is applied to cure diseased tissue; tomorrow, it might also be applied to prevent degeneration. Regenerative Medicine is an answer to the growing demand for medical solutions which preserve human independence and productivity.
(sources: KNAW foresight study Well underway. Opportunities for regenerative medicine in the Netherlands and DutchFoRM)
Regenerative Medicine in the Netherlands
Regenerative medicine is a rapidly growing inter-disciplinary research field, fostered by a variety of initiatives including BMM, TeRM SmartMix and NIRM. Although most universities have research groups active in this field, rarely all expertise is found at a single site. Numerous, successful collaborative research projects have been initiated, linking top research groups in the field.
Excellence in research and education
Already today, the regenerative medicine field attracts a large number of talented PhD and postdoctoral students with a diverse background in engineering, biology and medical sciences.
The long-term development of regenerative medicine into a mature scientific domain requires excellence in research as well as excellence in education. Not only to sustain the development of the individual disciplines, but also to enable interaction between the various disciplines, and to stimulate entrepreneurial activities in this emerging field.
Postgraduate educational program
For this purpose a postgraduate educational program has been established, comprised of six coherent 4- or 5-day modules. The modules are designed to address the different disciplines in Regenerative Medicine, from fundamental biological and materials science and engineering, to clinical translation and entrepreneurship.
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